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Why I Re-Incorporated Meat and Eggs into My Diet

I’ve shared a bit about my decision to re-incorporate meat with you over the last few months and received a ton of questions from you guys about my experience. I started my journey to healthier eating about 3 years ago when I decided to go vegan and largely gluten-free and it changed my life for the better. Most diet advice I’d gotten in magazines up to that point advocated eating animal products at every meal and looking more at the calorie counts than what the ingredients were doing for you. Going vegan made me love plants, healed my digestive system, and brought me a new level of energy and mental clarity compared to the sugar rushes I got from my previous way of eating. Eating well, for me, has always been about finding what feels good and I didn’t crave meat or eggs for years. Recently, however, I found that change. I found myself craving meat and eggs when I looked at them, so I slowly started to re-incorporate them in responsible ways. First with broth, then with good eggs and wild fish. I’ve slowly started re-incorporating chicken back into my diet but listen to my body when I go to fast and it doesn’t agree with me. The result in these experiments with my diet, however, is me being more satisfied after meals and living with more energy and love of food. I still eat mostly plants, but feel great incorporating plant-based proteins (no dairy for me) a few times per week. Life is too short for any food dogma to hold you back from doing what’s right for YOU!❤️


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