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Green Pasta and Lamb Meatballs

 Green pasta with meatballs

With all the sunshine and flower boom happening in Southern California I’ve been inspired to create the most colorful meals, smoothie bowls and comfort dishes ever. This pasta bowl is the coolest-colored pasta I’ve yet to create and I’m so excited for you all to make your own! Tag me on Instagram (@copinaco) so I can share your lovely creations!

Pasta has always been a childhood comfort dish and this “adult” version gives me all the feels and none of the guilt. It’s so simple, satisfying and good for you! As you know, I’ve been slowly incorporating meat and eggs into my diet (read more about it here!) and using lamb meatballs has been an easy way to balance out all my favorite plant-based foods with a bit of meat-based protein.

I used one of my favorite gluten-free quinoa pasta from Ancient Harvest and made the vibrant green sauce using garlic, spinach, sea salt and almond milk. This sauce combined so well with the pasta and the grass-fed meatballs and made a PERFECT meal prep dish.


8 oz. Ancient Harvest Supergrain Pasta (any shape)

2 cloves garlic

5 cups spinach

1 tbsp olive oil

Dash of sea salt

½ cup unsweetened almond milk

Sprinkle of BrightFresh Microgreens

A few grass-fed lamb meatballs


  1. Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Cook the pasta according to the package directions. Drain the pasta and return to the hot pot.

  2. For the sauce, combine the garlic, spinach that’s been sautéed with olive oil and sea salt, and unsweetened almond milk in a blender.

  3. Add the sauce to the pasta and coat entirely.

  4. Serve the pasta top with the meatball, microgreens and freshly ground pepper. It also goes great with sautéed zucchini and peas on top!

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