The Whisk + Matcha Collagen Boost

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Nourish yourself and your loved ones this holiday season with the gift of plant-based beauty this holiday season. This kit containing The Whisk, our USB rechargeable electric frother, and our Matcha plant-based collagen boost latte blend is the perfect way to get a killer latte, every time.


1 x Matcha Plant-Based Collagen Boost Latte Blend

1 x The Whisk USB Rechargeable Electrick Frother


Bamboo Extract  & Amla– hair, skin, nail, & joint support

Tremella Mushroom Extract – skin elasticity

Hyaluronic Acid – wrinkle-fighting & skin moisturizing




How To Enjoy:

Matcha: The most delicious latte on the go! Blend 1 serving (4.5g) with 7 ounces of your favorite liquid. Use with pretty much anything! Goes great with hot water, nut milk, matcha, smoothies, oats or baked goods. Vigorously stir or use The Whisk when mixing with liquid for best results!


Vegan & Plant-Based

3rd Party Lab-Tested

Herbalist-Approved Formulas



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