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About Our Founder Carolyn 

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My journey to starting a beauty company centered around empowerment and body positivity actually began from my own struggles with cystic acne. I started getting hormonal acne at 25 and felt, well, pretty embarrassed and ashamed about it. I looked at the images of models on the wellness ads and thought that wellness meant perfection. I lead a pretty healthy life, so my acne felt a bit like a failure. I didn’t talk about it for years, even on my blog.

What changed was when I decided to take my health into my own hands and heal with holistic medicine, adaptogens, and stress management and when I realized that no one is perfect and that millions of women were going through the same thing as me - the thing was, few we’re talking about it! I saw not only the healing power of plant medicine to boost my overall health and heal my skin from within, but also the power of self-love.

Why I Started Copina Co.?

I started Copina Co. to empower all to live their happiest, healthiest, most vibrant lives exactly as they are now. I got tired of beauty being tied to perfectionism and wanted to create space to build a new definition of beauty. It’s one that rests on the fact that you’re at your most beautiful when you’re highlighting what you love most about yourself and loving your body and your life. You can be perfectly imperfect and be beautiful. Life is too short to spend it chasing perfection when you’re already beautiful as you are!

I discovered the wonders of plant medicine to boost collagen production in our bodies and help us deal with the demands of modern life when I began exploring holistic medicine. Copina Co’s plant-based adaptogenic collagen blends are made with the best science-backed ingredients.