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A Better Way to Boost Your Collagen

Have you ever wondered why the beauty industry so often ignores the role that inner health plays in our overall beauty and vibrance? We have. After years of battling cystic scarring acne, taking harsh medications to treat it, and experiencing the gut health and dry skin that followed, our founder Carolyn Yachanin sought a better solution. She looked to herbalism and Ayurveda to heal her body from within and discovered the magic and wonder of plant botanicals to support our external vibrance from within. Her experiences inspired her to create Copina Co. and to bring the best of plant medicine together to serve as a plant-based and vegan alternative to typical animal-based collagen.

Meet Our Ingredients

"Our external health is a reflection of our internal health. To boost beauty, we have to start from within" - Carolyn Yachanin, Founder

Effective Formulas, Sourced and Dosed by Herbalists

We aren’t just creating blends with buzzy ingredients because they sound good for marketing. We make blends that work. Each Copina Co. blend was sourced and dosed by professional herbalists.

Support Collagen From All Angles

Our unique vegan & plant-based collagen boost blends contain best-in-class ingredients that have real benefits on your hair, skin, and nail health.* Our formulas both help support your body’s natural collagen production and help address the root causes of collagen degradation.*

Ask Us Anything

- Yes! They do blend best in hot drinks, so we recommend putting 1 serving with 8 oz of hot water and stirring or frothing to combine. You can enjoy the blend hot or pour it over ice for a delicious iced latte on the go.
- All our flavors contain equal amounts of our plant-based and vegan collagen support blend (405mg) that helps support vibrant and healthy hair, skin, and nails.* The Original, our unsweetened flavor, and the Vanilla make amazing creamers to add into coffee, smoothies and drinks. The Matcha and Cacao Calm can be made into amazing lattes and hot drinks and can also be added to smoothies, oats, and more. Our Matcha contains 1.36g of Japanese matcha and our Cacao Calm is made with 300mg of Organic KSM-66 Ashwagandha Extract per serving to help fight against daily stress.*
- There are no actual collagen peptides in our vegan and plant-based collagen boost blends.. Consisting of potent plant botanicals sourced and dosed by herbalists (organic tremella mushroom extract, organic amla berry powder, bamboo leaf extract, hyaluronic acid, and soon gotu kola and biotin) our formulas focus on improving the body's natural collagen production.*