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Collagen Benefits for Men

Ever wonder how collagen benefits men? In short: collagen matters! Though it can seem that most collagen products are geared toward women, men reap just as many benefits from supporting their natural collagen levels! Here at Copina Co. we believe everyone should have the ability to support their collagen the vegan way through completely plant-derived botanicals. Who would say no to having stronger and healthier hair, skin, and nails while also supporting their overall collagen levels?

Adding collagen supports can also be extremely beneficial when you begin to age due to our body’s natural ability to produce collagen declines. When your body makes less collagen things like your skin health, bone and joint health, hair health, and nail health all change. Overtime you might notice your bones and joints begin to lose their strength or might be feeling weaker during your workouts. Your skin loses its elasticity and moisture which is why one might want to begin to increase collagen production through supplements. Through the natural aging process, your body naturally begins to produce less collagen over time. Mix that with how stressful the modern world is, and your natural collagen production can decline even more. If you want to learn more about how stress and other outside factors affect your collagen levels, take a look at how you can naturally support your collagen production through lifestyle choices. And of course, one of those ways is through our vegan plant botanical ingredients. 

Don’t believe us that you can get all the below benefits from supporting your collagen levels with our plant-based ingredients. Take a peek at our consumer survey to see what real people said over an 8-week study. Wait no further, here are 4 benefits men may see when they use collagen supplements. 

vegan collagen

Hair and Beard Support

Whether it is growing out your facial hair or wanting to strengthen and lengthen your locks, collagen supplements can be equally as beneficial for men. As you get older you might also begin to experience hair loss which can happen for many reasons like old age or due to increased amounts of stress. Using a collagen supporter like our vegan collagen-boosting blends can help your hair growth and strength.

One of our powerhouse ingredients that helps with hair health is Amla berry. Amla berry happens to be an incredible antioxidant. In a 2009 study, amla berry had the strongest antioxidant activity amongst other plants and one of the highest polyphenol and tannin content. Amla Berry is rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, and antioxidants. These properties can help to promote circulation to the blood vessels in the scalp which helps to enhance hair regrowth and scalp health. Amla also has anti-inflammatory properties which can help to reduce scalp inflammation and the production of excess oil production.

If you are thinking about growing out your beard or hair, try supporting the process with Copina Co. Vanilla or Original Blend in your coffee, smoothies, or protein shakes to help strengthen and or grow out your hair and beard! Worried about what our vegan collagen supplements taste like? Take a peak at our collagen boost’s taste like in some of our vegan recipes

Vegan Collagen

Nail Support

Having healthy nails that do not break or crack is beneficial because it helps keep your nail beds protected and clean. Your nails help create a shield for your hands while you are working or using your hands. Nails can go through a lot between household chores or just with day-to-day activities like washing hands. With less collagen production in the body as we age, there is less there to support nail growth, making nails become weak and brittle over time. 

Supporting your collagen production throughout the body will help your nails grow and decrease their brittle, weak feeling when they get long. Yes, you might have to trim them more often, but they will be less likely to break or feel weak when they grow out. Plus having good nail hygiene makes you feel and look your best. 

In our formulas, we also have added vegan biotin. Biotin helps support the process of taking nutrients we eat into energy the body can use. Its function in our blends helps with your nail and hair strength. Within our beauty blends, we use an ingredient called bamboo leaf extract which has silica. Silica from bamboo extract helps promote strong nails by supporting increased collagen production and supplementing our bodies with extra nutrients.* Here are also three other great vegan nail supplements to look into if you are experiencing weak or brittle nails. 

How much collagen should I   take?

Skin Support 

With a healthy amount of collagen, your skin will feel more plump and bouncy. When our skin is not collagen-rich it can begin to feel hollowed out, dehydrated, or feel as though it is being weighed down. If you are experiencing adult acne, dry and irritated skin, or as if nothing seems to be working for you no matter what you try– vegan collagen supports might be the answer to helping heal your skin from the inside out!

Through ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Tremella Mushroom Extract, you can both support your skin’s natural ability to be hydrated while also supporting your body’s collagen production.* They also help with skin elasticity.* This can be especially helpful during the colder or dryer months of the year. 

Collagen Latte

Supporting your skin through a collagen booster like Copina Co’s can help your skin be healthy from the inside out.* Our skin, hair, and nails all benefit from a well-rounded diet that includes nutrient-dense foods.  

No matter your gender, taking care of yourself is equally important for everyone! We love helping our Copina Co. family find new ways to support their bodies (+ collagen production) and if you want to see any specific content regarding hair care, beard care, or anything else wellness related – DM us on Instagram! If you are looking for a collagen-boosting latte or smoothie, check out our recipes!

We have so many other pieces on how vegan collagen can support anybody, so take a peak at some of our favorite hair, skin, and nail blog posts: 


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