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DIY Spirulina Face Mask

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Your skin is the largest organ of your body and it’s SO important to care for it just as well as you treat the rest of your body. The beauty market is saturated with scrubs, cleansers, soaps and oils to, as they claim, make your skin picture perfect without a line, blemish, scar or wrinkle in sight. In my healing journey with hormonal acne, I’ve learned that the most important thing you can do to care for your skin is lighten it up! What does that mean? Essentially, your skin doesn’t need all this STUFF to feel glowy, fresh and vibrant because less really is more.

The simpler you are with your skincare and beauty regimen, the more room you’ll give your skin to heal and the better equipped you’ll be to identify what might be triggering your skin issues. I know that the latest facials, sheet masks, and body scrubs and sound absolutely amazing. The thing is that it’s very easy to overdo it with skin products and end up doing more damage than healing. In healing my skin holistically and naturally, I’ve learned to appreciate the beauty of my skin - imperfections and all - and appreciate how gentle and loving holistic healing can be.

Your skin, just like your body and mind need patience and time to heal. The use of too many products can cause more skin issues like dehydration which leads to faster aging and more acne (super fun, right?). If you do mask, try something gentle that hydrates and cleanses. Even better if you can make it yourself from items in your home!

This 3-ingredient DIY Spirulina Face Mask has been my go-to for months now when my skin is feeling dull and clogged. This is perfect for cleansing your skin and retiring a healthy bacterial balance to your skin. Plus, you can actually eat this mask too (if you enjoy green yogurt)! It’s made of 3 ingredients that help to promote good bacteria on your face and soothe acne.


1 tsp Hawaiian Spirulina

1 tsp raw or manuka honey like Wedderspoon Organic

1 large spoonful probiotic plant-based yogurt (I like GT’s Kombucha Cocoyo and Forager Project since they have live cultures)


Mix and apply. Leave on for up to 20 minutes

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