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What is Mermaid Water and Why Should You Drink It?

If you’ve decided to make drinking more water a larger priority in your life, you might have encountered #watertok, a flavored water trend on Tik-Tok while searching for fun ways to boost your water intake. Although #watertok aims to make staying hydrated more enjoyable, its methods often involve adding numerous artificial colors, syrups, and other not so great ingredients to your water. Unfortunately, these additions aren't actually healthier for you, and are actually the complete opposite. These added ingredients have you consuming more sugar than you normally would, without any real nutritional benefits.

That’s why we drink something called mermaid water over here at Copina Co. A nutritional, mineral-packed drink that not only tastes great, but gives you some amazing essential micronutrients. 

What is Mermaid Water?

When visualizing something called mermaid water, you may think of things like the ocean, sea shells, Ariel from the Little Mermaid, etc., and those things are actually on the right track to what mermaid water really is.

Mermaid water is a healthy, water-based drink that makes hydration more fun by incorporating beneficial ingredients like sea vegetables into your diet in a delicious drink form. These sea veggies are gaining popularity in the wellness world for their rich nutrient content, providing more essential minerals than land-based vegetables. Specifically, Irish sea moss, a key ingredient in Mermaid Water, contains 92 of the 102 minerals our bodies need!

Copina Co. Sea Moss Refreshers

We wanted everyone to be able to experience the amazing benefits of mermaid water and staying hydrated, so we created our Sea Moss Refreshers, the secret ingredient to mermaid water! 

Inside our Sea Moss Refreshers, you'll find nature’s best ingredients like pink Himalayan salt, coconut water for hydration, and 200 mg of organic Irish sea moss per serving! We offer two delicious flavors, Citrus Blossom and Passionfruit, which both provide a sweet, fruity taste that makes your drink genuinely enjoyable without any of that gross sea moss flavor. These flavors also make it easy to customize your drink, making hydration even more fun, although they taste fantastic on their own.

Fun fact: The packaging for our Sea Moss Refreshers was actually inspired by the theme “Under the Sea”, so naturally we were drawn to the gorgeous outfits from The Little Mermaid Premiere. We have a whole video on our Sea Moss Refresher packing itself, so you can watch it here!

How To Make Your Own Mermaid Water

Creating your own mermaid water to enjoy is actually quite easy. The foundation of this nutritious drink begins with water and either our Passionfruit Sea Moss Refresher or Citrus Blossom Sea Moss Refresher. The real excitement, however, comes from customizing your drink to your taste.

We love replacing regular water with coconut water for a sweeter drink and enjoy making fruit ice cubes to enhance our beverages. For the Citrus Blossom flavored Mermaid Water, we like to freeze oranges and pineapples in ice trays to cool down the drink and add extra freshness. For the Passionfruit flavor, freezing passionfruit pulp and adding strawberries creates a fantastic flavor profile while maintaining the pink/red theme. Speaking of color themes, both our refreshers are naturally dyed with beet and other vegetable juices for their vibrant colors. We use absolutely no artificial coloring.

You can also create more elaborate recipes like smoothies or fancy mocktails with one of our Sea Moss Refreshers to up your mermaid water game as well!

Check out some of our favorite recipes here:

Beauty-Boosting Creamsicle Mocktail

Alcohol-Free Blueberry Passionfruit Coconut Margarita

Erewhon-Inspired Mango Lemonade Slushie


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