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How To Build Confidence - A Chat with Cameron Cirino

Confidence with Copina Co. 

First off, tell readers a bit about yourself! 

Hi there, my names Cameron and I just joined the Copina Co. fam about two months ago! I'm a recent grad from Kansas State University with a major in Apparel and Textiles Marketing, who loves all things fashion, social media and sustainability. 

Copina Co. Cameron Cirino


What does confidence mean to you? 

To me confidence means loving yourself in your own skin. It means owning those acne scars, owning the cellulite and owning any insecurity. Speaking positively to yourself everyday is VERY important and something I'm still working on. 

When do you feel the most confident? 

I feel most confident when I stop caring what others think and do what makes me feel good and happy, instead of comparing myself to others. That mindset comes in waves, but when you picture yourself as the main character then nothing else matters beyond your opinion of yourself and whether or not YOU'RE happy! 

Who and/or what inspires you to be confident? 

Lately I've been inspired by the vulnerability I've seen on social media. More empowered women LOVING their own skin, and embracing what society considers "flaws". It's nice to see normal bodies on the feed more than pictures of what we're supposed to look like. Just seeing everyone learning to fully love and accept themselves, while also empowering and uplifting those around them. 

Do you have any daily practices that help boost your confidence? 

Meditating, words of affirmations, taking a social media break, eating what makes me feel good, movement, and getting enough vitamin D and time outside. 

What is your favourite Copina Co. product + why? 

So far, I've only tried the matcha which is YUM, but I really want to try the cacao collagen because I love anything cacao and can already picture the fun recipes!


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