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Real Beauty Series: A Self Love Chat with @mynamesireanna

Copina Co. Real Beauty Series Self Love Chat with @mynamesireanna
We're excited to share our first Copina Co. #realbeautyseries interview with you: a self love chat with @mynamesireanna. We started this series to shift the paradigm on body image, confidence, and what true beauty is. Beauty is something that we get to define - it's us at our most confident, happy, and engaged selves. What it isn't is one set standard that everyone "has" to meet. That's so 2010's. We're inspired by Ireanna's energy, beauty, and wisdom inspired us. We're excited to share her perspective on self love and beauty with you!
What does self love mean to you? How do you practice it? 

“Self love means to me to appreciate yourself for everything you are. A lot of people, including myself, can be hard on themselves. Sometimes we tend to focus on the negative and forget about the positive. Taking that time for yourself to see how much you have done and how far you have come in your life can really help you appreciate how strong you are. I practice self love by doing what makes me happy; which is modeling. I take time almost every other day to get myself together and take photos. It’s something that makes me extremely happy and feel whole.”

Copina Co. Self Love Chat Ireanna

Comment on this phrase: "our flaws make us beautiful."

“Me personally I don’t see my imperfections or differences as flaws. I try my hardest to see myself in a positive light so by it being simply called different or imperfect is more comfortable to me because no one is perfect and being different is beautiful. Every little uniqueness about you is what makes you, you. So love it!”


What is something that you think is beautiful about yourself?

“I think my body is beautiful. Yes I am more than my body; but the relationship I have with my body is more real and true then any relationship I’ll have with anyone else. I’ve had ups and does about my body and being in this place of peace and clarity feels amazing.”


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