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How to Build Confidence a chat with Chelsea Culbertson of @choosingchelsea

Empowering chat on building confidence with Chelsea Culbertson

We're so excited to share with you our chat with Chelsea Culbertson of @choosingchelsea a mom, digital creator, and women empowerment leader. After struggling with body image and self-acceptance for most of her life, Chelsea decided to embark on a journey of self-love. 

She began to make the change of loving herself first and to only make changes in her life because of the love and appreciation she had for her body at all of its stages. Chelsea shares her journey and the knowledge she learned along to way through her website and social media platforms. Through this, she hopes to inspire and teach others how to lead with confidence, positivity, and self-love. Chelsea believes by doing so, we can become the best version of ourselves, the one that has always been hiding inside us. We hope you enjoy this chat and encourage you to check out Chelsea's Instagram and website

What does self-love mean to you? How do you practice it?

Self-love to me means embracing myself at all stages, to be gentle on myself. It's not loving every single thing about myself or not having down days, it's the awareness that I am worthy of the good days. It's a daily practice, a choice, to decide each day to not let the negative thoughts overpower me. 

Unlocking confidence: A conversation with Chelsea Culbertson
Comment on this phrase: “our flaws make us beautiful”

Well, I think "flaws" are a bit unnecessary. Who's to say that certain things are good or bad? They're all simply US, and that is beautiful. 

What’s something that you think is beautiful about yourself?

The way I care about others. The way I can stay true to myself and live my life for me. Owning all of me, that is beautiful to me. 

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