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How to Cultivate Unshakable Self-Confidence

Here at Copina Co, our mission is to help you feel like your most confident self. Everything we do and create stems from that vision. Hence why we're always chatting about confidence and self-love because that's what true beauty is about. It's not about looking flawless, although we won't say no to a sassy sundress and a beautiful blowout. Confidence is about feeling happy and empowered in your own skin. It's time we highlight that. To help you step into your most confident self, we rounded up our top practical and actionable tips for cultivating unshakable self-confidence.

 Copina Co. Self Confidence

Recite mantras and affirmations

Mantras and affirmations are excellent for elevating self-confidence. They help flood your mind with positive, good-feeling thoughts. There are a couple of tricks for making them more effective. One, make sure the wording feels true for how you currently feel. For example, if the mantra "I am confident" feels forced or inauthentic to how you feel in the moment, change it up. Try something like, "I am learning how to be more confident" or "I am becoming more confident every day." The more genuine and authentic the statement feels for you, the easier it is for your mind to absorb it. And two, don't just talk the talk. Building self-confidence requires that you also walk the walk and follow the mantra with new behavior, which brings us to the next tip.


Push yourself outside your comfort zone

Action is the only thing that genuinely breeds more confidence. Mantras and affirmations are great for giving you that inner boost but doing the things that scare you and feeling super proud of yourself afterward are what creates the transformation. Take inventory of what you've been putting off because of fear and commit to taking some action steps in that direction. You don't have to make giant leaps because that can be overwhelming. Instead, start with the scary baby steps. Nailing those small steps will give you the confidence to do the bigger and scarier things. You've got this.


Implement self-care rituals

Self-care equals self-love, which equals more self-confidence. In other words, the better you take care of yourself inside and out, the better you'll feel about yourself. That's why we can't emphasize the importance of implementing self-care rituals enough.


One of our favorite ways to nourish ourselves is with skincare, whether that means doing a yummy face mask and watching an episode of our favorite show or drinking our skincare. Yup, we said drinking. As we get older, our body's production of collagen, which promotes healthy hair, supple skin, and healthy joints, slows down. Copina Co's Vegan Collagen Drink Boost Drink Powder helps your body naturally produce more collagen giving you that self-confidence boost from the inside out. *


Just blend the powder into your favorite liquid such as hot water, nut milk, coffee, or smoothies, or mix it into a baked good recipe. You'll reap the confidence-boosting benefits of the plant-based ingredients that include bamboo extract and amla berry (for hair, skin, nail, and joint support), tremella mushroom extract (for skin elasticity), grape seed extract (for collagen synthesis), and hyaluronic acid (for wrinkle-fighting and skin moisturizing). Now, that's what we call self-care.

 Copina Co. Self Confidence

Set boundaries on social media

Social media is an incredible tool for connecting with others and sharing our messages, but it can also be toxic for our mindset and self-confidence. When you're constantly seeing everyone's highlight reel, it's easy to fall into the comparison trap, and that may lead you to feel like you’re not feeling good enough or like you're behind or falling short. Practice self-love by unfollowing or muting accounts that don't make you feel good or trigger comparison feelings. Once you clear that clutter, it's easier to focus on your own wins and progress and celebrate them, building your confidence in the process.


Lean into your strengths

Unshakable self-confidence is not about being great at everything. It's about recognizing your unique strengths and honing in on those. Give yourself permission to let go of the things that you don't love to do. If something doesn't light you up, ditch it, dump it, or delegate it. You'll feel much more grounded in your self-confidence when you're only doing what you're naturally good at instead of trying to be the Jill of all trades.


Practice listening to your intuition

There's a misconception that confidence is about the external things: rocking a chic outfit, popping on a bold lipstick color, sitting up straight and tall. Yes, the superficial stuff does help make you feel good about yourself and give some pep to your step, but true self-confidence is an inside job. If you look it up in the dictionary, the definition of confidence is firm trust. Therefore, self-confidence is about trusting yourself.


So one thing you can do to elevate your confidence is to start paying attention to what your intuition tells you—those little nudges and gut feelings. Often we disconnect and ignore that inner wisdom because we can't always logically explain it, but those nudges are guiding us. When you get those intuitive hits, write them down. Follow through with them. Then assess the outcome. You'll quickly start to gather concrete evidence that your intuition is always right, thus cultivating more self-confidence.

 Copina Co. Self Confidence

Love your shadow side too

Loving and embracing the good parts of yourself is easy. Learning how to love your imperfections, on the other hand, takes real inner work, but it's a key element of raising self-confidence. At some point in your past, you may have been conditioned to think that a particular aspect of your personality or the way you look is bad or unlovable, but that's simply not true. Start to change how you look at those traits. Look at them through the lens of love and self-acceptance. This inner work won't always be comfortable, and it will take some time, but the more you love your shadow aspects, the more self-confidence you unleash.



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