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How to Use Vegan Collagen Powder

Have you ever wondered about the beauty benefits of collagen and wondered how to get it from sustainable plant sources? Well if you have, you have come to the right place. We have chatted about what is vegan collagen, and ways to support your collagen with food, but we haven’t covered how to best utilize vegan collagen supplements and powders for the best beauty-boosting benefits. Basically, we covered the “How” and “Why” of vegan collagen, let’s learn about how you can incorporate it into your life to see better hair, skin, and nails from within.*

Let’s dive into the benefits of vegan collagen powder and how we know how to use our vegan collagen-supporting blends to achieve healthy and glowing hair, skin, and nails!

How to Get the Best Benefits 

If you have ever read or listened to Atomic Habits by James Clear, then you know you have the ability to get 1% better every day. You are more likely to take on good or “healthy” habits as long as you make them easy, positive, and actionable. This also means making them almost the easiest thing you can do. We believe taking supplements can fall under this “good” habit train that can be hard to maintain if you don’t make it the above. So how can you make taking a vegan collagen powder easy, attainable, and enjoyable? Here are a few ideas. 

“Optimize for the starting line, not the finish line” - James Clear 

The reward of using a vegan collagen powder will come in the long run, as you’ll read later on in this article, after daily use our customers can see results usually around 1-2 months. That’s not that long to wait, but another instantaneous reward is the taste of our blends which we will cover in depth below. 

Something to note is that you see results after daily use, which means you have to find an intentional time to use a vegan collagen powder. How can you do that? You already have an established routine that you like and you don’t really want to switch that. What is great about our blends is that with our multiple options, you have multiple times during the day when you might get to add in your beauty boost. 

If you have chosen our vanilla or original blend, you have a wide array of options on how to add them to your day-to-day. If you enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, they are perfect to whisk straight into your am cup or in your milk frother for your morning latte. More of a smoothie person? Add a scoop or two to your daily smoothie without changing the taste. You can even froth them into your nighttime tea!

More of a matcha person? Great! Our matcha comes naturally sweetened with monk fruit which means you can have it easily with just hot water (add ice if you prefer iced matcha) morning or afternoon. Prefer a matcha latte? Perfect, you can add in frothy milk through our whisk or milk frother for a sugar-free matcha latte

Last but not least our cacao calm blend is the grown-up version of a hot cocoa in one scoop. We love using this in our evening hot cocoa or as a chocolate creamer in our morning coffee for a mocha

The best benefits from our blends truly come from putting them in your daily routine, so we recommend looking at where in your day one of these flavors might blend best into your life. Love having a sweet treat at the end of the day? Our cacao calm works both as a beauty boost and as a dessert! More of a coffee drinker but like it bitter? Our original blend is perfect for a daily dash of creaminess. 

If you add in the intention of making your vegan collagen a part of your daily routine, aka the starting line, then the finish line will start showing through, aka healthy hair, skin, and nails.*

matcha collagen latte

Taste and Texture

We know the easiest way to get the best benefits of any supplement or nutrient-dense food is to truly like the taste and texture of what you are eating or drinking! We keep talking about forming a habit of using our blends, but the instant reward of our blends is they each come with a unique taste that is extremely delicious and pleasurable. Some collagen powders can have a weird aftertaste or feel grainy when you are adding it to your smoothies, lattes, or other treats. We made our blends with ingredients that don’t have an aftertaste, are naturally sweetened with monk fruit, and are not grainy! Want more details? Let’s take a look at our blends. 

Our vanilla blend is a great beauty boost with a hint of sweetness and vanilla. We add monk fruit and vanilla extract in order to get a slightly sweeter taste. It is great as a collagen creamer in your morning coffee, a nice touch to our matcha lattes, or acts as a fun way to beauty boost vanilla oatmeal and baked goods! Also available in convenient stick packs for on-the-go beauty-boosting. 

Flavors include: Sweet, creamy, and vanilla. Like adding almond milk that had a hint of vanilla! 

A nourishing and unsweetened blend there for you when you're just looking for a simple vegan collagen boost. Original Beauty's perfectly creamy and light flavor makes it the perfect pairing to any liquid or baked good of your choice. Get creative and even use it as a coffee creamer for a creamy and delectable treat. 

Flavors include: light & creamy with a hint of coconut. No sweetness. Like a splash of almond milk!

Made for those sluggish mornings, early afternoons when you need a pick-me-up, or evenings when you're looking to feel refreshed. Matcha Beauty is a creamy and delicious blend of coconut and collagen botanicals that promote skin hydration, collagen synthesis,

and hair, skin and nail support. Our Japanese matcha helps support sustained energy without the jitters or coffee crash. Matcha Beauty is a clean and friendly way to naturally energize your body – it’s even catching the attention of die-hard coffee lovers. Also available in convenient stick packs for on-the-go beauty-boosting and a healthy caffiene kick. 

Flavors include: lightly sweet matcha, aromatic, and clean. Creamy with just water or add milk for a latte. Can be used easily with the original or vanilla blend, just add more water or milk to blend smoothly . 

Like an adult hot chocolate but packed with skin-boosting and adaptogenic benefits to promote collagen synthesis and a sense of calm. calm. We also added ashwagandha which has been shown to fight stress in the body and promote a feeling of “chill”.* Cacao Calm is formulated with research-backed botanicals, organic cacao powder, cinnamon, hyaluronic acid, and packed coconut. Sip on this cozy and decadent blend when you're looking for a natural way to boost your overall mood and concentration. Also available in convenient stick packs for on-the-go beauty-boosting. 

Flavors Include: Chocolate and cinnamon. Lightly sweet and creamy when used with just water or add milk for a night-time hot cocoa. 

How to Prepare Copina Co's Plant-Based Collagen-Supporting Drink and Creamer Blends

When Should I Use a Vegan Collagen Powder?

At Copina Co. we always want to take a holistic approach when it comes to your health. This being said, we are not your doctors and we do not know your own personal health background. Using a collagen booster like Copina Co.’s is helpful at any age and is never too late to start. Overall– you can start taking collagen supplements at any age, but the earlier you start in the process the longer the compound benefits will be over time. Our collagen due to its vegan and holistic origins is easier on the environment than an animal-based alternative. Either way, everybody reacts differently to collagen supports and it is important to look into your product before taking it. We think of collagen support supplementation as a lifestyle choice. Choosing to do things that will naturally aid collagen production as young as possible will help keep your joints, skin, hair, and nails healthy longer.* 

If you are looking for ways to get a daily dose of collagen boost in your diet, try our vegan collagen support creamer blends in your morning coffee or use our Cacao Calm Plant-Based Collagen Support Blend + ashwagandha blend for a great nightly ritual. 

How to Use Your Vegan Collagen Powder

While we cannot speak for all vegan collagen powders, our collagen boosts are as versatile as they are delicious. Enjoy them anywhere you like your beauty boost.

  • Lattes: Froth, blend, or stir with 8oz hot water for a barista-quality latte
  • Hot Coffees and Teas: Add a scoop of our Vanilla, Original, or Cacao to your favorite morning coffee, black tea, or evening hot cocoa.
  • Iced Drinks: Froth with 6oz warm water, pour over ice, and enjoy
  • Smoothies: Boost your morning favorite with any of our collagen boost blends*
  • Baked Goods + Treats: Add in a scoop of our blends for a beauty boost in any baked good, oatmeal, or treat. It’ll act as a teaspoon and some of added dry ingredients! If you don’t know what types of baked goods or things you would want to add a beauty boost to, we have so many under our recipes, on instagram or tik tok

If you would like to see how we use our blends, you can take a peek at our recipes that are all collagen-boosting and delicious. We also have recipes on how to make a collagen-boosting creamer and coffee creamer!

collagen boost

Copina Co’s Favorite Vegan Collagen Supporting Recipes 

You can pretty much use our blends in anything you desire, but we wanted to give you a roundup of our favorite ways and recipes we use our vegan collagen support blends! 

Drinks and Lattes 



collagen boost


Holidays Recipes

How to Choose Your Vegan Collagen Powder 

We have written an extensive blog about how to spot the best vegan collagen, but we have collected a handful of ingredients to look for in your vegan collagen powders that can help your hair, skin, and nails.* It is important to know the collagen process and how food and lifestyle choices might affect your overall collagen synthesis too. You can read more about lifestyle factors that might be effecting your collagen.   

Here is a quick look at some beneficial vegan collagen powder ingredients!

  • Bamboo Leaf Extract: This extract is an amazing source of the mineral silica. Silica plays a key role in collagen synthesis, helping the body build and then absorb collagen. It also supports the skin’s ability to retain water (so it helps your complexion look plump and glowy!), and has been found to reduce hair breakage.* 
  • Organic Tremella Mushroom Extract: This superfood mushroom (also known by its nickname “the beauty mushroom”) contains amino acids and zinc, which are both essential for collagen production. It is also packed with carbohydrate chains called polysaccharides, which help promote collagen synthesis in the skin. This leads to improved skin elasticity and the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles!*
  • Organic Amla Berry: Amla berry is popular in ayurvedic medicine, as it is one of the most potent sources of antioxidant-rich vitamin C– one of the key vitamins needed for collagen production. It is also a great source of copper, which experts say the body also needs in order to produce collagen.*
  • Gotu Kola: Also known as centella asiatica, this powerful anti-inflammatory herb has been shown to support collagen production while also protecting existing collagen.*
  • Biotin: This B vitamin plays an important role in the production of keratin (a hair protein), and helps support healthy and strong hair, skin, and nails.*

These impactful collagen-supporting ingredients are carefully sourced and dosed by herbalists. The unique expertly formulated blends address collagen loss from all angles, helping to both support the body’s natural collagen production process and address the root cause behind collagen loss for the best possible results.*

Do Vegan Collagen Powders Work?

There is so much noise circulating supplements and beauty supplements in particular. That is why we wanted to show our customers how our vegan collagen powder works! We hosted a consumer survey where each participant took 2 doses of our Plant-Based Collagen Boost Blends in their diets each day for 8 weeks and reported on the results. Participants completed surveys at the 2, 4, 6, and 8 week marks, reporting if they saw any changes in their hair, skin, and nail health, as well as reporting any changes in how they feel or anything else they noticed as a result of adding the collagen support blends to their routine.

does vegan collagen work

The response from the survey was overwhelmingly positive.

  • ​​100% of respondents noticed increased skin hydration in 2 months 
  • 100% of respondents noticed a difference in overall skin glow in 2 months  
  • 92.9% of respondents noticed a difference in hair thickness in 2 months  
  • 92.9% of respondents noticed a difference in nail strength in 2 months  
  • 100% of respondents noticed a difference in overall skin vibrance and "glow"

Learn more about our vegan collagen powders and what our consumers thought after using them for just 8 weeks. 

Supplementing your natural collagen production through a vegan collagen powder is both simple and effective. The powders can be the most versatile and easy way for people of all schedules to get in a little plant-based beauty boost. We make all of our blends to be able to be used alone (our matcha collagen support and cacao calm blend just need water!) and as an easy boost to all drinks, lattes, or smoothies (our vanilla and original blend are the creamiest collagen creamers). 

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