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Erewhon-Inspired Mango Lemonade Slushie

With the warmer months finally here, there's nothing that quite hits the spot like a refreshing, hydrating drink to cool you down. Erewhon originally made this Mango Lemonade Slushie with a twist of blueberry, but we thought we would take the recipe and add our own Copina Co flair to it. This slushie is packed with the natural goodness of Organic Irish sea moss, so it not only quenches your thirst but also gives you a boost of health benefits. We love to enjoy this hydrating drink by the poolside, on our patios, and with a group of friends at a BBQ.

With a base of frozen mango, coconut water, and ice, this slushie delivers the ideal blend of juicy flavor and refreshing hydration. We also added in some freshly squeezed lemon and our Citrus Blossom Sea Moss Refresher for an additional zesty kick that keeps things light and summery, making for a tasty treat.

The Benefits: 

This slushie recipe not only tastes fantastic, but it's also a health powerhouse. 

Nutrient-Rich - By incorporating our Citrus Blossom Sea Moss Refresher into this recipe, you're adding in a nutritional punch of minerals and essential nutrients. Our refreshers use 200 mg of organic Irish sea moss in every serving, and contain natural ingredients like pink Himalayan salt and coconut water. They are also on-the-go friendly and have a yummy fruity taste (none of that gross fishy taste found in sea moss gel). Adding sea moss into your diet is a natural way to enhance your overall wellness.

Hydration - Thanks to the coconut water and fresh fruits in this recipe, this slushie is incredibly hydrating. Electrolytes from coconut water ensure you stay replenished and energized, especially on hot summer days.

Ingredients For The Perfect Slush Drink

Frozen Mango 

Mangoes are a very important component to our slushie. Packed with vitamins A and C, mango offers a tropical sweetness that is perfect for a summer themed drink. Mangoes also contain antioxidants that support overall health, making them a perfect base for our hydrating drink.

Fresh Lemon

Lemons are known for their refreshing qualities. Their tangy, zesty flavor adds a vibrant kick to our slushie. Beyond their taste, lemons are rich in vitamin C and other essential nutrients.

Coconut Water

Coconut water is one of our favorite ingredients to utilize here at Copina Co, and for a good reason. It’s incredibly hydrating, thanks to its high electrolyte content and it also helps replenish lost fluids and maintain proper hydration.

Pure Blueberry Juice

The pure blueberry juice in this recipe brings a burst of color and a hint of sweetness to our slushie. Blueberries are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and are high fiber, promoting overall well-being. Their subtle sweetness balances the tartness of the lemon, creating a balanced blend of flavors.

Organic Irish Sea Moss

As we mentioned earlier, this recipe gets its citrusy flavor from our Citrus Blossom Sea Moss Refresher. This blend is curated with the flavor of sweet orange, lemon, and a hint of coconut and really makes this slushie recipe pop.

Creating your Erewhon-Inspired Mango Lemonade Slushie: A Step-by-Step Guide

Prepare Your Ingredients: Begin by gathering all your fresh ingredients. Ensure your mangoes are frozen for a thicker slushie base. Fresh lemons should be firm and juicy, and coconut water should be chilled for an extra refreshing touch. Also have your Copina Co Citrus Blossom stick-pack on hand so you can easily add it to your drink when the time comes.

Blending: In a high-speed blender, combine your frozen mangoes, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and coconut water. The proportions can be adjusted based on your preferred sweetness and tartness levels.

Add your Sea Moss Refresher: Add one stick pack of our Citrus Blossom Sea Moss Refresher. This will seamlessly dissolve in with the other ingredients, infusing your slushie with its nutritional benefits and citrus taste.

Ice and blend: Add a generous amount of ice cubes to the blender. The key to a perfect slushie is the right ice-to-liquid ratio. Blend until you achieve a smooth, slushie consistency.

Add your pure blueberry juice: Finally, top your slushie mixture with pure blueberry juice and watch its vibrant color seep down into your drink.

And there you have it! The perfect Erewhon-Inspired Mango Lemonade Slushie with a Copina Co sea moss twist! We are just getting started with our summer drink recipes, so check out a few of our other favorite recipes:

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