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Copina Connect: Melissa Coyle of Melissa's Healthy Kitchen

As working professionals, we shouldn’t feel forced to balance work and healthy living! The two CAN coexist and Melissa from Melissa’s Healthy Kitchen does this so very well. She turns meal prep into art and has been a huge source of inspiration when it comes to creating recipes for “on-the-go.” So many people are amazed by the fact that I run Copina Co on the side and hold a full-time job. A healthy lifestyle is not ONLY about the work and hustle, but it’s also taking care of yourself and giving your body all it wants and craves to living an abundant and nourished life. Melissa (@melissas_healthykitchen) shares the most delicious and simple healthy dishes all across her page and on her blog. She believes that a working professional can still create nutrient-dense meals even when your week is super busy. I’m so excited to share what Melissa has to say about committing to a healthy lifestyle, balance, and some of her favorite wellness rituals. Enjoy!

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“Balance to me means - zero deprivation. It means listening to your body, giving it what it craves, resting when it is needed, and not obsessing over whether or not you worked out.” - Melissa


What was your "aha" moment that inspired you to commit to a healthier lifestyle?

I wouldn't say I necessarily had an "aha" moment that inspired me to commit to a healthier lifestyle; I would say it was the personal circumstances I went through that forever changed my outlook on my health. I lost my dad to lung cancer 7 years ago and then a year after losing my dad, we lost my boyfriend’s dad to pancreatic cancer. After dealing with all of this and seeing what cancer does to one, I was determined to change my lifestyle and commit to living healthier. I was brought up eating healthy, my mom and dad always strived to make everything from scratch and stayed away from processed foods, so it really wasn't much of a transition for me. But now my goal focuses on eating real food and paying more attention to the ingredients I consume.


What does balance mean to you?

Balance to me means - zero deprivation. It means listening to your body, giving it what it craves, resting when it is needed, and not obsessing over whether or not you worked out. It means not focusing on calories and focusing on just eating real food.



What does your current skincare routine look like?

Get to Know Melissa Coyle and Her Healthy Kitchen - Copina Co

I have a couple of blog posts on my own blog (…-malibu-products/) of my favorite products I use, but I truly believe it all starts from the inside. Stick to eating real food, drink lots of water and get your beauty sleep!


What daily routines or rituals do you follow for your own wellbeing?

These are my current favorite rituals that make me feel beautifully healthy, confident and happy:


  1. Getting in some form of a workout either before or after work. Lately, it has been Pilates classes after work to destress.

  2. “Meal Prep Sunday's” - I don't go a weekend without doing some sort of meal prep for the week. This helps save me time during a busy work week, saves me money, and is one less thing I have to stress about during the week.

  3. Doing what makes me happy whether that's a spa day at home, laying on the couch watching TV, hiking, or baking.


What do you love most about yourself?

How committed and passionate I am about the things I love. If there are passion and love, you will always see me giving 110%.


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