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Copina Connect: Nicole Berrie of Bonberi

Join Copina Connect: Meet Nicole Berrie of Bonberi

What the world needs most is connection, community, and ridiculously delicious vegetables…. basically the world needs Bonberi. Nicole Berrie is the founder and inspiration behind the vegan bodega and wellness community Bonberi based in the West Village. Finding wellness is about finding what makes you tick, listening to your intuition, and living connected to your own mind, body, and spirit. Nicole created a thriving community and business that helps the world do just that.


Nicole regularly hosts wellness panels featuring the likes of Daphne Oz and also shares her mission to spread wellness through her ridiculously gorgeous plant-based recipes on her Instagram. I had the pleasure of visiting Bonberi on a trip to New York earlier in the year and fell in love right then and there. I walked into their space and after devouring their amazing vegan quinoa bibimbap, found myself surrounded by an environment of warmth, positivity, and real-world wellness products for our busy lives. I’m honored to have Nicole on Copina Co and hope enjoy her interview.

1.) What was your "aha" moment that inspired you to commit to a healthier lifestyle?

My father had Type 2 diabetes and as a child, I was always aware of how eating directly affected your health. After college and many years of crash dieting, I knew I had to find a better way. I came across Natalia Rose’s Raw Food Detox Diet book in Whole Foods and was immediately intrigued. Through that book I found Gil Jacobs, a colonic therapist who changed my life. He taught me about the benefits of juicing, raw food (i.e.: fruits and vegetables), food combining, colonics and infrared saunas. The more I practiced this life, the more improvement I saw in my body and spirit.


2.) What does balance mean to you?

Going with the ebb and flow of life. Some days are spent focusing on work and making it home for bedtime and bath, some days we shut it down and are in full throttle mom mode. You never really have it together all at once but being comfortable with imperfection is truly freeing and kind of necessary.


3.) What does your current skincare routine look like? (products/ lots of details are appreciated)


Tata harper resurfacing cleanser

Christine Chin bio toner and regenerating serum

Linné Botanicals balance oil

Honey Girl face cream

Makeup & more:

Suntegrity tinted spf moisturizer

Kjaer Weis cream blush

Ere Perez bronzer

RMS Beauty living luminizer

Eco brow

Jane Iredale brow gel

Jane Iredale eyeliner

Olio E Osso french melon!


4.) What daily routines or rituals do you follow for your own wellbeing?

• Daily green juice in the AM

• Mostly plant-based diet within the food-combining principles

• Daily Movement and Sweat!

• Daily Morning Meditation

5.) What do you love most about yourself?

The ability to have two feet firmly planted in the ground and to go with the flow, pivot and get creative in the face of challenge and change.


To learn more about Nicole and Bonberi, check out their blog.


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