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Go-to Vibrant Matcha Latte Recipe

I’ve done a lot to heal my skin and connect deeply to my body, but one of the best decisions I ever made for my skin health and well-being was making the switch to matcha. I swapped coffee for a daily matcha habit and have seen my body and skin transform.

I work full-time and run Copina Co on the side, so believe me when I say caffeine is a necessity in my world. I used to be a 2-3 cups of coffee a day kind of person but started noticing how this habit was affecting my body. My energy levels would spike and fall and give me the jitters rather than a steady feeling. I also started my skin getting drier and more dehydrated. It was when I did my own research and found out that this caused acne to appear or worsen that I realized it was time for a change.

Matcha has been transformative for my health and happiness. It has tremendously helped to boost my skin’s hydration and supply my body with a ton of antioxidants. The energy it gives is cleaner, stronger and more balanced than your average cup of coffee. It has completely changed my morning routine and I now love starting my days with my ritual of making matcha tea.

There are SO many ways to make a great matcha latte. You can make it traditionally with a whisk or through a more modern approach with a blender or hand frother. I personally do a little of both depending on my day and time available. My go-to matcha latte uses 4 ingredients and is super adaptable to whatever you’re in the mood for. The most important thing is to start with high-grade, quality matcha.


1 tsp ceremonial-grade matcha powder (lately, I’ve been loving, Ippodo and Setsugekka)

1 cup plant milk (love Ripplefoods or home-made almond milk)

¼ cup hot water at 175° - 180°F (boiling water damages matcha)

Dash of cinnamon (or any other type of sweetener)


I highly recommend sifting your matcha BEFORE you make your latte to help with clumping. It’s not a necessary step if you’re in a rush, but does make your latte much smoother. Next, you can either add all ingredients to a blender or add them to a large mug (leave lots of room from the rim) and use a hand frother. No matter the method, blend for about 30 seconds. Pour into your favorite mug and top with extra matcha, cinnamon or rose petals for glitz and glam then sip!

There’s also the traditional route in which you mix your matcha with hot water using a whisk. For details on how to go traditional, watch my latest IGTV video!

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