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Brazilian Limeade

During the spring and summer time, lemonade and limeade is incredibly refreshing and a perfect sweet drink. We wanted to give this traditional drink a little twist! Keep reading to learn how you can make a beauty-boosting, skin nourishing Brazilian limeade. 

We made our recipe so you can make 2-4 servings, so know that if you are making it for multiple or just yourself to either adjust accordingly or be okay with storing any leftovers you have (if you even have any). 

The only thing you'll have to prep for will be your limes. Make sure you have 3 limes that are cleaned, quartered, and frozen. You will strain the limes later with a strainer or cheese cloth. Once the limes are frozen, you can begin making this sweet and tangy drink!

beauty boost

Place your frozen limes and 3 cups of water into a blender. You'll want to blend thoroughly before straining the juice. Place the juice back into the blender and dispose of anything you strained from it. 

Adding back into the blender, you will be adding in the ingredients that make this drink sweet and creamy. Add in one scoop of our Original Beauty (maybe 2 if you are making a bigger batch). Our original vegan collagen blend is perfect for any drinks or smoothies because it doesn't come sweetened and will not affect the overall flavor. It is made with a coconut milk powder, so it will only help thicken the drink a small amount. 

collagen supplement

The original blend is a great addition to any cup of tea, coffee, latte, or drink where you don't want any added flavors. It is like adding a splash of almond milk that is unsweetened. All of our blends come with the skin-boosting benefits of our vegan collagen support blend which includes tremella mushroom, amla berry, bamboo leaf, and more. Learn more about what makes our blends special!

Lastly you will add in your coconut cream, maple syrup, and ice. Add less ice if you want the drink to be thin and more ice if you want it to be more like a slushee. You will give it a good blend and then can serve it fresh! If you are storing some away, put it in a glass or jar that you are able to shake before serving. 

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