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Inside My World: Jill Fausner of Layered Vintage

Jill Fausner: Layered Vintage Creator [CopinaCo] Inside My World: Jill Fausner's Layered Vintage [CopinaCo]

Jill Fausner is the creative boss babe behind Layered Vintage and Modern Love Event. She is a floral and experience designer who invites us to see beauty of life in a new way and incorporates natural elements into her effortless designs. I first came across Jill via Instagram and was immediately taken by her designs and inspired by her story. I loved chatting with Jill and hope you enjoy this read!

How did you come to start Layered Vintage and Modern Love Event?

Layered Vintage (LV) was a long journey born out of a personal loss mixed with a very black and white occupation that did not involve any kinds of creativity. I needed an outlet and escape to cope with the sadness at home. Flowers practically fell in my lap and was completely left field. I’d never shown any interest in them before... sometimes it still shocks me that I do what I do!

I have about 12 years in the financial industry, specifically in management. While there are really no comparisons to draw between the two careers the one thing I am happy that I could take from my background was all the business knowledge. I've been able to jump through hoops fairly easily with how to start and run my businesses and I attribute that to my past work life. Many creatives can struggle with this aspect of the business so I feel lucky to have the insight.

Timeline wise: LV started creeping into my life around 2014... weddings really began in 2016. I’m newer to the wedding scene which surprises many.

Discover Jill Fausner's Layered Vintage Journey [CopinaCo]

Modern Love Event has a much more straightforward story. After participating in two wedding events here in San Diego and feeling quite lackluster each time I decided to take on my own event. Knowing the good, bad and ugly that vendors have to endure for these events, the point was to bring talented friends together and have them very vocal in the process and keep things "vendor focused." It felt like a photoshoot but on steroids ;)

Your work is always so creative and unique! What floral design tips would you give to beginners?

Study and research what you like and figure out why. Is it the shape, ingredients, palette? I used Pinterest and Instagram in the beginning to acquaint myself with floral design. Discovering what I really loved and what I wanted to avoid. From there you really need to practice, practice and practice some more. Go to the market and walk the aisles, ask the wholesalers questions and end up purchasing flowers to take home and work with. Change up the ingredients and palettes each time. Always photograph your work! It's a great way to study and critique.

Volunteering to help a florist out that you admire is a great way to get some hands-on experience. I'm also a fan of workshops and studying with a mentor after you've gotten a little experience under your belt.

Exclusive Interview with Jill Fausner of Layered Vintage [CopinaCo]

Can you walk us through your beauty routine with specific products that you use?

I'm pretty basic. I like Aveeno for facewash and lotion and my favorite new addition to the routine is Herbivore's Phoenix Facial Oil. It's magical. We went to Japan last year and became obsessed with the face masks so that's pretty regular during the week now too ;)

How do you stay healthy on the go with all your travel? Do you have any favorite products you take with you?

Luck for me, I can nap fairly easy and believe in sleeping on the plane and to fight off jet lag. I always pack my running shoes. I love to run while I'm traveling. Something about the time to myself, the outdoors and some exercise helps keep me in balance.

Is there anything else you want to let people know about you and your work?

I always want to improve and continue to challenge myself with every new event or wedding I take on. It's all about learning and growing but it's also what makes this so much fun.

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