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Matcha Rose Latte

 matcha latte with rose  Matcha Rose Latte

Valentine’s Day is here, Galentine’s Day is thankfully a thing, and there is no better way to celebrate with matcha rose latte! Treat yourself, your partner, your favorite friend, or hey – just everyone – to this amazing drink. This is the best and most colorful way to take a break from coffee and is like drinking a warm, fragrant hug.

This drink is a little extra in all the best ways and is something that is really just plain fun. It’s entirely inspired by Instagram, but is something that is very doable in your home kitchen and fabulously energizing in the morning. Try it with either dry whole rose petals if you’re feeling adventurous or a packet of herbal rose tea which works amazingly well. I made mine plant-based and free of refined sugar using almond milk and honey. Oat milk and cashew milk with coconut sugar are also amazing while I feel that hemp, quinoa, rice, and flax milk leave a funny taste.

If you’re looking for other of my favorite matcha recipes, check out my Matcha Chia Pudding and Minted Iced Matcha Latte! Hope you enjoy!

RECIPE (serves 1)


  1. 8 oz almond milk, steamed and frothed

  2. 2 teaspoons of dried, organic rose petals or 1 packet of herbal rose tea

  3. 8 oz boiling water (about 200*F)

  4. 1 big tablespoon of ceremonial matcha

  5. 1/2 teaspoon raw honey

  6. 2 grams ceremonial-grade matcha

  7. A pinch of cinnamon (optional, but I love it)

  8. A pinch of rose petals to top


  1. Start by placing the loose rose petals into an infuser or by grabbing a rose tea bag. Add the 6 ounces of hot water, preferably from a kettle that will heat it to about 200*F, to a large mug and steep the infuser or tea bag for about 3-4 minutes. Remove the tea from the water, then add the matcha powder and cinnamon. Whisk with either a bamboo matcha whisk or a fork if that's what you have until the clumps are gone and the tea is smooth.

  2. Next, add your steamed and frothed almond milk and honey to the mug. Top with a drizzle of rose petals and maybe some extra matcha powder and enjoy!


  1. Note: Heating the almond milk over the stove and using a handheld frother works great. There are also some fancier frothers that are amazing if you're able to use those. I personally love this item that I got for Christmas which is a bit pricier, but so worth it.



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