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A Day in the Life with Copina Co.

a day in the life of our community manager practicing her self care and rituals with copina co

Hi everyone! I'm Lauren the Community Manager here at Copina Co. I'm so excited to share some of my self-care rituals and how I'm incorporating Copina Co's vegan collagen blends into my routine. Practicing acts of self-care and dedicating time to myself has always been incredibly important for my mental health and wellbeing.  Copina Co.'s vegan collagen blends have made self-care so accessible and friendly that they have become an essential part of my daily and nightly routine.

simple and refreshing iced matcha latte with almond milk

A day doesn't go by where I'm not starting my mornings off with the Copina Co vegan collagen Matcha Beauty blend. Preparing matcha has always been a form of self-care to me, it's such a simple process but makes me feel like I'm really treating myself. 

I'm quite the offender of the snooze button and am always in need of a pick-me-up in the morning to get my mind and body moving. I have never enjoyed the taste of coffee, matcha has always been a go-to of mine. It's clean, crash-free energy benefits and skin-boosting properties make me feel amazing. Matcha Beauty is smooth, creamy, slightly sweet, and the perfect addition to nut milk, water, a smoothie, or baked good.

This morning, I was craving the simplicity of an almond milk latte and paired Matcha Beauty with a handful of ice, a dash of maple syrup, and frothed Malk Organics almond milk. I'll let it chill in the fridge while I take my dog for a walk then sip as I start to prepare for the day ahead. Refreshing, simple, and boosting with benefits for my hair, skin, and nails. 

The Copina Co. Matcha Collagen Beauty Powder is such a creamy and delicious blend of skin-boosting research-backed botanicals like moringa, matcha, and hyaluronic acid. Each serving works to promote collagen synthesis and skin hydration for healthy hair, skin, joints, and nails. I recently started eating a mostly plant-based diet and love that the Matcha Collagen Beauty powder is always vegan, gluten-free, and grain-free as it's so hard to find collagen powders that are both clean and free of animal products.*    

Some of my other favorite Matcha Beauty morning drinks 

Original Plant-Based Collagen Booster, a creamy blend of skin-boosting research-backed botanicals, hyaluronic acid, and coconut.

Time for breakfast! Ever since starting to work from home, breakfast has easily become my favorite meal of the day. It's such a versatile meal and doesn't require as much time or preparation as lunch or dinner sometimes do.

I usually get right into work or start catching up on emails and sometimes don't eat breakfast till around 11:00 AM. This day, I was hankering for something sweet. I used the Birch Benders Paleo Pancake Mix, added a tablespoon of Original Beauty Plant-Based Collagen Blend, and just enough water to combine. 

These pancakes were so yummy. I topped them with maple syrup, lemon zest, frozen blueberries, and a sprinkle of coconut flakes. I felt as if I was having dessert for breakfast but way healthier, simpler, and packed with collagen-boosting benefits. 

The Original Beauty Plant-Based Collagen Boost blend contains herbalist approved and researched backed botanicals like tremella mushroom extract, grapeseed extract, hyaluronic acid, and bamboo extract. These nourishing ingredients contain amino acids and antioxidants that boost skin health and promote healthy bones, hair, and nails.* Original Beauty has become a staple in my kitchen. Catch me throwing it in cookies, chia pudding, oatmeal, or even sprinkled on roasted veggies. It's so deliciously creamy, and such a simple way to get in a vegan collagen boost.

Other breakfasts recipes you'll want to treat yourself to 

Unwind and de-stress from the day with cacao and ashwaganda powder

Time to unwind and prepare for the morning ahead. My job and personal hobbies require a lot of time centered around social media and being on my phone. Being able to unplug and de-stress at night is essential for a good night's sleep and a fresh start to the next morning. 

After dinner, a shower, and my nighttime skincare routine the first thing I reach for is the Cacao Calm Blend and a good book. I love a good green or mint tea at night for their soothing properties but nothing promotes a sense of calm and relaxes my anxiety quite like the Cacao Calm Blend. Formulated with key ingredients like organic cacao powder, cinnamon, coconut, hyaluronic acid, and ashwagandha. Cacao Calm is a decadent and nourishing blend of adaptogens and botanicals to help promote collagen synthesis and encourage a sense of calm.*

It's like a hot chocolate for adults so creamy and delicious with its notes of chocolate and cinnamon. In the warmer months, I'll prepare it iced with almond or oat milk but it's just as tasty and decadent served hot. 

Sweet treats to snack on at night with an iced Cacao Calm latte 


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