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Collagen-Boosting Brown Sugar Espresso Latte

If you couldn't tell, we love making collagen-boosting lattes that are just as good (if not better) than the drinks you can buy out and about. That's why when we saw the Brown Sugar Espresso drinks taking over, we knew we needed to add our Copina Co. touch to them. This recipe is such an easy at-home latte that will still have you feeling like you are outside sitting at a cafe doing your work, it is that good. 

Vanilla Collagen Latte

Not only does it taste good with ingredients like brown sugar and cinnamon, but it also packs in all our good-for-you ingredients like tremella mushroom, got kola, amla berry, and much more! We've talked on and on about how our blends help boost your collagen, but how? Let's dive in to some of our collagen creamer's benefits. 

Tremella Mushroom

    The tremella mushroom, or tremella fuciformis or “snow mushroom”, is an edible species of fungus that has been used in Eastern medicine for over a thousand years. This superfood has historically been used to help boost skin hydration over time after being consumed.* The mushroom’s ability to hold water, as well as its nutrient properties, make it a skincare powerhouse.

    Copina Co. Plant-Based & Vegan Collagen Alternatives with Organic Tremella Mushroom Fruiting Body Extract

    Gotu Kola

      Gotu Kola has been shown to enhance the cross-linking of collagen and support increased collagen production in the body.* Several studies have shown that skin thickness, elasticity, and collagen levels all increased with the addition of Gotu Kola to a patient’s regimen.* 

      Amla Berry

        Amla Berry benefits your skin by promoting collagen production, which helps your skin stay smooth and supple as you age. It also heals acne due to its antioxidant properties. Lastly, it helps even your skin tone and uses the vitamin C to treat any skin pigmentation. Vitamin C will brighten your complexion, fade hyperpigmentation, and protect your skin against the damaging effects of pollution.*

        Brown Sugar Espresso Collagen Latte

        What makes our plant-based & vegan collagen boost blends unique is that they support collagen from all angles.* They both fight collagen degradation and promote collagen production.* Each ingredient in our botanical blends has been chosen for its potency and efficacy. Some have been used for thousands of years in Eastern Medicine and Ayurveda and all have real research to back them up. If you want to learn more about the rest of our ingredient's check out our Guide to Copina Co.'s Vegan Collagen-Support.

        All of these superfoods are in our beauty blends like the Vanilla Collagen Creamer used in our Brown Sugar Expresso latte seen on our Tik Tok and Pinterest. See how you can make your very own barista grade espresso below. 

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