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Collagen-Boosting Pistachio Matcha Latte

We've been eyeing the pistachio themed drinks at different coffee shops so... we decided to make our own! The great part about our pistachio matcha latte, is that it has loads of plant botanicals in it. It has two servings of our vegan collagen supports, our vanilla collagen support creamer and our matcha vegan collagen support

So what exactly does two servings of our vegan collagen support blend mean? It means a whole lot of hair, skin, and nails benefits.* Each servings holds ingredients like tremella mushroom, bamboo leaf extract, amla berry, and gotu kola. Not to mention, our pistachio matcha latte also brings all the benefits of matcha to the table too! 

matcha benefits

What's so great about matcha? Let's take a peak: 

  • It’s an antioxidant powerhouse
  • It eases stress
  • Matcha contains essential vitamins
  • Matcha contains high levels of chlorophyll, a green pigment found in the plant that promotes clear and healthy skin and hair.*

If you want to learn more about our ingredients list, take a peak at our ultimate guide to our vegan collagen support blends!

matcha collagen

The pistachio matcha latte recipe is actually rather easy to make, you can even watch how we make ours on our Tik Tok. We make ours iced, but know that you can also make it hot! Take out the ice and warm up your milk and water to have a hot and creamy pistachio matcha collagen-boosting latte.

In order to make our latte tasty and creamy, we make a frothy almond milk add-in that contains your choice of unsweetened nut milk, pistachio extract, and our vanilla collagen support blend! We make our nut-milks extra frothy by using our signature whisk that helps make our signature lattes even more luxurious. Our vanilla collagen supporting creamer adds in a special creaminess and sweetness to the milk without adding in unneeded sugars or gums.  

The other half of the recipe involves making your matcha! We made ours with just water because the matcha vegan collagen support blend already has monk fruit in it and tastes good on its own! We then pour our matcha blend over ice, add in our vanilla collagen support creamer mixture, and top our latte with a coconut whipped cream for some fun. Add a few pistachios and you've made a barista level pistachio matcha latte! 

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