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Vegan Pumpkin Cold Foam Latte

We may be nearing the end of October, but we're still in love with pumpkin lattes! This Vegan Pumpkin Cold Foam Latte is a delicious and beauty-boosting beverage you can make in the comfort of your own kitchen. We added a scoop of Original Plant-Based Collagen Boost Blend to make the Pumpkin Cold Foam extra frothy while also delivering a boost of collagen-supporting plant botanicals like hyaluronic acid, amla berrybamboo extract, and tremella mushroom.


Vegan Pumpkin Cold Foam Latte


Pumpkin is also a great source of vitamin A and antioxidants, which can also be a major plus for your skin!* Curious about what other foods can help you get your glow on? Read more about food as skincare here!



Watch a video of this recipe on our TikTok @copinaco




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