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Iced Mango Matcha Latte

How to make an iced mango matcha latte! Have you tried fresh fruits as a boba alternative in your summer iced drinks? We've been super into layering Matcha Beauty Plant Collagen with fresh summer fruits like strawberries, watermelons, and now mangos!

The creamy plant milk combined with the freshness of summer mangoes and our Matcha Vegan Collagen Support is quite the afternoon treat. It’s light, sweet, refreshing, and perfect for boosting your energy as an afternoon pick-me-up. Did we also mention it contains plant-based collagen-boosting botanicals thanks to Matcha Vegan Collagen Support Blend that encourage healthy skin, hair, and nails.* Think of it as an extension to your morning skincare routine – but way tastier.

The layers of refreshing mango, creamy oat milk, and dreamy Matcha Vegan Collagen Support Blend are a match made in heaven you'll want to be sipping on it all day long.

vegan collagen

What Even is Boba?
Nothing about boba is new, but if you live in sunny California you’ll see it’s popping up everywhere. Boba originated in Taiwan in the early 1980s and eventually gained popularity in the United States in the ‘90s. It’s made by creating bubble tea that starts as a tea-based drink that’s combined with milk or fruit flavors and then poured over dark pearls. The dark pearls are the boba – a gluten-free mostly flavorless chewy bubble.

Most boba tea preparations can be more on the unhealthy side with a lot of added sugar and doesn’t provide much nutritional value otherwise.

Replacing the boba for a fruit mixture like mango is a yummy, super refreshing, and healthy alternative that you can make right in your kitchen. Also, it is extremely beneficial as it has great antioxidants that can help keep your collagen production happy and healthy.*

iced mango matcha latte with collagen powder

What You’ll Need to Make a Mango Matcha Iced Latte

Mashed or pureed soft mango: Mangos can be somewhat tricky to prepare and cut. Follow some tips we dished on below to make the process a little easier. We love the juicy and buttery consistency of this summer fruit. Their entire presence screams summer and when paired with Matcha it’s such a yummy treat.

Oat milk: We’re huge oat milk lovers around here. As always, use whichever milk you prefer – in terms of taste there won’t be much of a difference.

Hot water: This ingredient is so important as it really helps to enhance the deep and aromatic flavor of the matcha powder as well as it locks in all its amazing beauty-boosting and energizing benefits.

Matcha Beauty: A plant-based collagen boost blend of tasty botanicals and matcha powder that promotes collagen production and encourages healthy hair, skin, nails, and joints. * It has 28 servings per bag and can be enjoyed plain with hot water or in fun drinks like this. Shop our Vegan Collagen Support Matcha Blend HERE.  

How to Cut A Mango

The best way to go about it is by starting with a ripened mango. A ripened mango to the touch will give slightly when pressed to indicate the flesh is nice and soft.

If the outside is a mushy mess the insides will be too. An overripe mango or any fruit for that matter will be very hard to cut if it is too ripe.

The mango has a flat-ish oblong pit in the center that tends to cause quite some confusion on how to remove it.  Holding the mango in one hand, stand it on its end with the stem side down. With a sharp knife just inside the mango along one side of the pit.

Repeat this step until just the pit remains.

Next, make crosswise cuts in the flesh without cutting through the peel. Start vertically and then make horizontal cuts. Invert the mango slices so that the segmented pieces are forced outwards.

Here, you will be able to simply pull the pieces away from the flesh or remove the pieces with a small paring knife, cutting the mango away from the peel.

Another hack starts by separating the peel from the pit in the same way above. Instead of making crosswise cuts in the mango, you push the flesh through the top of a glass to separate the yummy insides from the skin.


iced mango matcha latte with collagen powder

How to Make A Mango Matcha Iced Latte

Once your mango is ripened and cut, either mash ¼ of a cup with a fork or place in a blender for a few minutes. This all depends on how chunky you want your mango puree to be. The chunkier it is, the more boba-like the consistency is.

Place the pureed or mashed mango at the bottom of your glass. Top with a few ice cubes and then layer on top ½ of a cup of your plant milk of choice.

In a separate glass, mix ½ cup of hot water with 2 tsp of Copina Co. Matcha Vegan Collagen Support Blend by stirring with a spoon or combining with a hand frother or blender. Once blended, layer on top of the mango and oat milk mixture.

Sip with a straw just as is or stir a little to evenly distribute the mango throughout the oat milk and matcha.

Other Matcha Drinks to Try:

  • Iced Strawberry Matcha Latte: Sweet, refreshing, and the perfect way to switch up your current matcha drink. Another boba-like drink that’s packed with beauty-boosting and energizing properties.
  • Iced Turmeric Matcha LatteCreamy, refreshing, simple, skin-boosting, it's like a Sunday morning in a cup. This drink is the epitome of self-care in the kitchen because the preparation is simple and relaxing and requires just enough effort where it feels like you're treating truly yourself to something special.
  • Easy Cold Brew MatchaA super healthy and simple drink that just needs matcha, water, and ice! A go-to recipe for busy mornings and afternoons where a pick-me-up is desperately needed.

Your Afternoon Pick-Me-Up in Snack Form:

  • Matcha Beauty Lemon Energy BallsThese are raw, vegan, and gluten-free and are packed with matcha leaf tea and collagen-boosting botanicals but taste insanely delicious and refreshing. 
  • Matcha Beauty Overnight OatsThey’re a simple and beauty-boosting breakfast you can prepare in advance for a hassle-free morning. This recipe is vegan, gluten-free, and makes a great addition to your weekly meal prep.
  • Matcha Banana Chocolate Chip MuffinsThese muffins are perfectly moist, tender, and most importantly simple to prepare. They come together in less than 30 minutes and are as easy as 1-2-3 in this 1-bowl method.

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