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5 Beauty Boosting Holiday Lattes

Here are 5-holiday drink recipes you won’t wanna miss! If you are finding yourself overjoyed by the new holiday menus at local coffee shops and want us to make a low-sugar, dairy-free, and vegan version at home for you, let us know on Tik Tok or Instagram and we can get to work on that! 

We love finding ways to make the holidays comforting and cheerful and a lot of that involves cooking and baking for us. It’s fun and easy to mix in our beauty blends into pretty much any drink for an added boost to our hair, skin, and nails too. If you are feeling jittery or stressed before the holidays due to finals week or an intense week, try swapping out your midday coffee with our Matcha or winding down before bed with our Cacao Calm. But without further ado, take a peek at our beauty boosting vegan holiday drinks! 

Our vegan Peppermint Mocha is the perfect grown-up version of a peppermint hot cocoa. We love it because it’s dairy-free and is the perfect balance of coffee and chocolate and what is a better pair than that? We use our Cacao Calm Vegan Collagen Blend to also give us a little beauty boost while we sip. Our Cacao Calm blend is perfect to satisfy your chocolate cravings and help manage stress at the same time. It’s formulated with Organic KSM-66 Ashwagandha Root Extract, which is an adaptogen that helps our bodies manage and regulate stress, while cacao works to provide a natural mood boost. Now our Cacao Calm also comes in stick packs for easy on-the-go use!

We love adding a candy cane to stir into our mocha and some coconut whipped cream to make it even more delicious. You can heal your inner child and have a fun caffeine boost all at once. The best part is it is low on sugar, can help boost your mood, and manage stress all at once. 

vegan peppermint mocha

Matcha is a great holiday drink because it can give you the caffeine kick to keep you going, but without all the jitters and crashes coffee sometimes has. This Beauty-Boosting White Chocolate Matcha Latte is the perfect way to enjoy a new, delicious spin on a matcha latte! The sweetness of white chocolate is the perfect partner to the earthiness of matcha.  It’s a pairing so perfect you’ll wish you’d thought of it sooner!

Adding a spoonful of coconut whipped cream or peppermint extract can also give this drink another holiday boost. If peppermint isn’t your thing, we also have a Pumpkin Matcha Latte that feels just as much in the holiday spirit. 

vegan white chocolate matcha

Hot Cocoa? Need we say more to make your mouth water over our beauty-boosting and delicious chocolate treat? We love our peppermint hot cocoa for many reasons one being the nostalgia of having hot cocoa by the fire or making it with loved ones, but also because our superfood hot cocoa will destress you and has collagen-boosting botanicals. 

With our Cacao calm blend and some vegan marshmallows, this is a treat that you won’t forget. Not a fan of peppermint in your hot cocoa? No worries you can easily exclude the peppermint in this recipe to make a thick and delicious hot cocoa. Also, feel free to try our peanut butter hot cocoa for an even richer treat with all the benefits. 

vegan peppermint hot cocoa

There is something about thick and creamy matcha that makes me excited for the day. I love a mid-day peppermint matcha with our Matcha Vegan Collagen Beauty Blend to help me get through my work day but also because it tastes so sweet. Our matcha is made with only high-quality matcha. Because of this, ours taste rich, creamy, full-bodied, earthy, and sometimes slightly sweet. This means you do not need any sweeteners or sugars to help it taste delicious. 

You can enjoy this delicious matcha iced or hot. Our recipe is enjoying it cold but if you want to enjoy it hot, try heating up the milk before frothing it and excluding the ice. 

vegan peppermint matcha

Last but certainly not least, our gingerbread latte recipe includes making a syrup you can use any day of the week. We love using the syrup to add to our on-the-go coffee to help sweeten it up while also staying cheerful. Use our Vanilla or Original Vegan Collagen blend to pair this with some collagen-boosting benefits that are animal-product free! This syrup could also be a great addition to a cup of hot cocoa with our Cacao Calm blend. The use is endless! 

vegan gingerbread latte


We love sweet treats during the holidays because they can be a fun way to add some creativity to our daily habits. If you liked these recipes, we have some other sweet treats to eat you might enjoy: 


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