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Collagen-Boosting Strawberries n’ Cream Chia Pudding

We love prepping this sweet and creamy beauty strawberries and cream chia pudding. It is great as a high-protein, but sweet breakfast to pair with your coffee or matcha! The recipe can easily have swaps to make it low-sugar, like swapping maple syrup for agave or honey. 

You'll be adding in our vanilla vegan collagen-supporting creamer to the recipe which is naturally sweetened with monk fruit and a dash of vanilla. The sweetness is light but it will naturally help the strawberries and cream chia pudding recipe be sweetened. If you still want the power of our plant botanicals but without the vanilla or monk fruit you can swap out the vanilla beauty blend for our original vegan collagen-support creamer. 

collagen creamer

Some of the plant botanicals you can find in all of our vegan collagen-support blends are:

To begin, you'll take your strawberries and muddle them. If you do not have a muddle you can easily do this with a fork or spoon! You'll want to muddle or smash the strawberries until they are smooth. This will make adding in our vanilla vegan collagen boosting blend to the strawberries easier, but overall will help with mixing in the strawberry flavor!

Strawberries and Cream Collagen Boost Chia Pudding

You'll add the rest of your ingredients until well combined. Then you can cover them and let them refrigerate for at least four hours or overnight. If any aspect of the recipe is hard to do, you can always watch all our recipes on our Tik Tok or Youtube channel

Something that is hard to master with chia pudding is the texture. If you want a thick chia pudding, add more chia seeds and allow it to sit longer. If you want you can also opt for thicker milks. We use oat milk in ours, but if you really want a thick and creamy chia pudding you can add in full-fat coconut milk.

If you like a thinner chia pudding, you can add more milk or creamer. We recommend slowly testing adding more liquids by 1 teaspoon and waiting to see how it settles after a few hours to get the texture you want! If you overall do not like the texture of chia pudding, but want to try our delicious strawberries and cream recipe, once the chia pudding has sad for 4-8 hours you can try blending it in a high-powered blender.

Collagen Boost Chia Pudding

This recipe is a great example of a well-rounded and easy to make breakfast. You have antioxidants from the strawberries and from the amla berry in our vanilla vegan collagen support creamer. The chia seeds are a great form of vegan protein and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. All of these are great qualities to have in a breakfast because they all help support our body's natural collagen production.*

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